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We know it is Healthy…But just How Does Tea Work In The Body?...

Enjoying quality teas, we realize The Cup Experience is Amazing…Sipping and savoring, our appreciation and desire for our favorite teas just seems to grow with time…

But then…there are The Health Benefits…A Foundation for Wellness & Vitality…We have all heard about how healthy tea is supposed to be and how people that drink a lot of green tea live longer…how some teas are known for being Heart Healthy…

What we don’t know is exactly How Is It That Tea Is So Healthy?...How Does It Work?

So, How Can Tea Help Me?...

It turns out that there are Two Basic Ways…that Tea Is A Natural Therapeutic…

First Psychologically. Tea Is Aroma-Therapeutic…

The emotion tea stirs in us is a result of the instantaneous perception when we see the tea broth color, smell the aroma and feel the soothing warmth before we have even had a sip…We experience an instant release of Dopamine the Happy Hormone that is part of our body’s Reward System.

Our instantaneous pleasure returns prior to each sip as we anticipate the taste, flavor and sensation that the tea will deliver…We know as we are enjoying the tea, we are appreciating the taste and we are also creating a small act of harmony for our body.

The Psychological side of tea is restorative, soothing and, calming leading to satisfaction, pleasure, and optimism.

Then there is a physical way Tea is Restorative and Regenerative…

Simultaneously with the emotion being created by the tea, Physiologically, there are countless reactions initiating within you from each sip of tea. In fact, the Chinese centurys ago would say that tea was 10,000 medicines, but how could that be possible?

As it turns out the Ancient Chinese Health Claims may not be so far-fetched after all. In the report issued by The Tea Council of The USA, we find that research has been done over decades that has been developing data to support the claims…

The report focuses on ingredients in tea known in the science community as Bioactive Compounds…So of course what we want to know is How Bioactive Compounds In Tea Make Us Healthier?…

So, How Does Tea Work In The Body? Let’s Take A Deeper Look Into the cup:…

Bioactive Compounds Are “Extra-nutritional Constituents” In Foods…This means They Provide Health Benefits Beyond The Basic Nutritional Value Of The Product…

According to The Tea Council’s research, Tea contains hundreds if not thousands, of bioactive compounds, including amino acids, caffeine, lignins, proteins, xanthines and flavonoids.

Tea Flavonoids are bioactive compounds that have specific cellular targets related to the cardiovascular, chemopreventitive, metabolic, neuroprotective and other health benefits.

The impact of bioactive compounds on our body is far reaching. Claims of tea being 10,000 Medicines now begin to seem so much more of a reality. Studies done in these important areas of health are supporting Ancient Chinese Health Claims:

· Cancer Risk Reduction

· Neurological Health

· Metabolism, Obesity and Body Composition

· Diabetes & Blood Sugar Control

· Immune Function

· Oral Health

· Reduced Risk of Osteoporosis

· Cardiovascular Health

From recent studies and research comes the following extensive list of reasons we get happier we drink tea with each sip…The Powerful Benefits of Tea:

· Preventing normal cells from turning cancerous.

· Suppressing the formation and growth of tumors.

· Guarding against free radical damage that can bring about cancer, heart disease, diabetes, radiation damage, and aging.

· Enhancing immune system function.

· Controlling cholesterol levels.

· Lowering the risk of stroke by making blood platelets less “sticky”.

· Controlling blood pressure levels.

· Keeping blood sugar at moderate levels.

· Fighting deadly food-borne bacteria.

· Promoting “friendly” bacteria in the intestines and encouraging bowel regularity.

· Fighting viruses, including those that cause herpes simplex, polio, and even HIV.

· Lowering the risk of post traumatic epileptic seizures in laboratory animals.

· Assisting in weight loss by blocking the breakdown of starch.

· Providing a mild stimulating effect without causing sleepless nights or nervousness.

· Fighting bacteria in the mouth that causes cavities and bad breath.

· Slowing the aging process.

· Maintaining the body’s fluid balance.

· Reducing stress.

· Acting as a safe and effective natural preservative in food and cosmetics.

Tea is Centering…Tea is Restorative. Tea’s Ancient Health Claim that tea would Purify The Body and Preserve The Mind…has now been proven to not be far-fetched in the least, in fact tea has been shown to live up to the ancient claims and beyond…

So, while I savor every cup of tea, with each sip, I subliminally say to myself You Are Doing Something Good For Yourself…and it’s true.

It’s the Bioactive Compounds… …That’s How…

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