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Virtual Tea Tastings From the comfort & Safety of Your Home...

Our Tea Tastings are going "Virtual"!

That is right, "Virtual".

In light of the COVID-19 virus you are stuck at home, so Drink Great Tea is bringing our tastings to You...and your family too.

About Our Virtual Tastings:

Virtual Tea Tastings are held in the comfort of your home or anywhere you can bring your computer & tea, on most Saturdays at 4:00. Purchase your tasting voucher here for each person attending and we will contact you to arrange the date of your tasting experience. Virtual Tea Tastings cover a wide range of interesting tea topics and are led by Certified Tea Master, Advocate & Tea Educator Philip Parda who brings 50 years of tea drinking, tea education and experience into each enjoyable tasting. Once you purchase your voucher we will send tea tasting samples for each person or you can pick up at the store, so each person can steep their own tea. Please note one voucher per person and samples will be provided per person. You can let us know if samples need to be sent to multiple addresses. The day of the tasting you will be given a discount code for any teas on the Drink Great Tea MarketPlace site you would like to purchase that day only.

Refer to the tasting schedule posted on the drop-down for a listing of upcoming tastings.

This week hunker-down with your family for a fun hour of tasting tea together at our next Tea Tasting.

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