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Tie Guan Yin…The Renowned Oolong Tea of An Xi…

Golden in the cup with high viscosity, taste of sweet + umami and the aroma of gardenia with a spinachy nuance, this jade oolong has adapted to the misty mountains on An Xi county Fujian China and has been cultured over centuries by masters of tea to produce heaven in a cup.

Persistent cloud cover shrouds the upper elevations in clouds creating natural shade that boosts the amino acid level in the tea creating the organic compounds that will be masterfully optimized during the processing specifically developed over time to bring out the magic from these leaves and to become oolong.

Unlike whites, greens and many blacks that are produced from delicate spring shoots, oolongs are made with leaves that have reached the appropriate maturity do develop the leaf make up to a “ripeness”. My good friend Mr. Lin is example of a tea master of excellence that can read the readiness of the leaves to know when they have reached their peak moment for plucking.

So prized by the people of An Xi county is the genetic origin of the current day Tie Guan Yin, that the “Mother Tree” or “Mu Shu” is today idolized in a living monument to the plant and its caretakers.

The art of producing Tie Guan Yin is in coaxing the aromatic compounds developed in the leaf to emerge in a way and at a rate to optimize the enchanting aroma that comes from only these prized tea plants. Oolongs are known for their durability in lasting and actually demanding infusion after infusion gradually putting their goodness into your cup after cup. Beyond the seemingly endless infusions comes the feature that separates oolongs from all other teas…the astounding aromas.

The technique to bring out the aromatic properties of the leaves is considered to require the most interaction between the leaves and man of all teas. The leaves are “worked” in a cycle of rolling, resting and agitating until the oxidation develops the aroma to perfection.

Known in the west as “Iron Goddess of Mercy” or” Iron Buddha” this tea is sure to captivate any tea lover with long lasting delight and is sure to become a regular. You can find Tie Guan Yin at the .

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