Tea IS Brain Food…The Cognitive Advantages of Tea…

There is a whole lot more to tea than the wonderful drinking experience and the powerful antioxidants…

When we think about tea, we tend to think about something that is healthy for us and often think about the antioxidants that are protecting us from free radical and oxidative stress damage.

There is an advantage though that comes along with drinking tea that most are not aware of that is equally beneficial to antioxidants in tea…if not more.

As we go through life, we place growing value on our memory and our ability to work through complex mental issues and challenges. The reaction time we have and our ability for quick recall becomes a highly desirable capability that can have one of the greatest effects on long term quality of life.

Who knew of the valuable role that the simple act of consuming the right teas can have on our ability to preserve knowledge, memories and our ability maintain clear and quick mental response?

Yes, it is remarkable that the taken for granted cup of tea can hold one of the keys to protecting your mind function for long term mental health and be an aid in minimizing age-related mental decline.

There are pro-active things we can do to put our best foot forward in our quest to maintain life-long high-level cognitive function. Four factors that we can readily affect are sleep, diet, and two kinds of exercise.

Sleep is first on the list for a reason…without it, you don’t have a chance of maintaining quality long-term mental function. Your brain requires sleep time to convert acquired memory to permanent long-term memory as well as adequate rest & freshness to intake new input into acquired memory.

Diet is second on the list but is as you would imagine of utmost importance to supporting our body’s ability to perform the functions needed for cognitive function, memory retention & recall. In the diet category of course comes the tea…

Third but certainly not last is two kinds of exercise…the body which benefits memory through increased blood flow resulting from aerobic exercise mutually benefiting cognitive function, judgement & thinking skills, and exercise of the mind

Using it helps prevent losing it, and our mind is no exception. Having enjoyable mind stimulation activities in addition to whatever type of daily work/routine you do allows you to regularly exercise you cognitive ability like physical activity exercises your body.

Tea is the perfect synergistic companion to mental exercise as the powerful combination of L-Theanine and the caffeine in tea team-up to produce a state of mind conducive to neurological health and cognitive performance.

L-Theanine, commonly known as Theanine is an amino acid shown to have a calming effect and in fact be responsible for lowering blood pressure as a result of stress resilience improving both psychological and physiological stress responses.

The good fortune for us tea drinkers is that Theanine only naturally occurs in Camellia sinensis (the actual tea plant) and the Boletus Boletus mushroom.

Theanine’s ability to easily cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) positions it to provide many brain-related benefits while its beneficial relationship with the caffeine in tea creates an alliance especially impactful on our cognitive function.

Some major advantages of this miracle bioactive compound in tea are:

· Improved GABA levels from Theanine plays a central role in stress/anxiety reduction by restoring depleted GABA levels to the point where they again allow appropriate relaxation.

· Improves Brain Neurotransmitters, a fancy way of saying makes our brain work better! By increasing the levels of the neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin and GABA our learning, recall and positivity are improved by Theanine. Additionally Theanine stimulates the growth of new brain cells and neurons by increasing nerve growth factor (NGF) and brain-derived neurotropic factor (BDNF).

· Boosted focus, mood, alertness, and concentration all result from the synergistic relationship of the Theanine and caffeine in tea, the result being enhanced cognitive performance.

· Improved attention and relaxation result from Theanine’s ability to cause improvement in the alpha activity brainwave state which is the same brainwave state people reach during meditation.

· Theanine has Neuroprotective properties. L-Theanine improves cognition and memory by increasing blood flow to the brain and protecting the brain from environmental neurotoxins.

· Enhanced Sleep Quality comes as a result of Theanine helping to relax you mind allowing you to more easily drift off to sleep…It does not put you to sleep but can allow your sleep to be better.

I say Tea IS Brain Food because tea can help your brain function better…both while awake and while asleep. Tea can help improve cognition function for you starting immediately making each day more effect and enjoyable, but tea can also help you negate mental decline as life goes on.

The clinching thought is that the right teas can help you obtain that critical sleep you need to support the brain and help it be the best it can be.

All tea contains Theanine, however certain teas have higher levels. Teas that experience restricted sunlight either naturally from clouds or other natural sources like shade trees or shade created by adjacent topographic features like mountains or cliffs respond to shaded conditions with higher Theanine production. Likewise human created shade by covering tea plants with shade material for a period of time can result in higher L-Theanine content.

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