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Tea Broth Color...The Key to Steeping Perfection...

Tea broth color is the key to infusion perfection.

The perfect infusion is the result of an equation combining an amount of tea, heated water, and time.

Once these three elements are determined, reliable consistency can be achieved using many vessels to infuse. I recommend something clear to infuse in order to make observation of the steeping leaves easy.

The difficulty arises with the absorption rate, condition, and useful life of the tea leaves themselves.

Loose leaf teas are not only capable of multiple infusions, but should be infused multiple times.

As the condition of the leaves change, it becomes increasingly difficult to monitor the condition of the tea broth without the ability to view the tea broth. Relying on a specified amount of time does not allow for the changing tea leaf ingredients infusion after infusion.

Monitoring tea broth color gives the most consistent cup result. Consistency in the amount of tea leaves being steeped and the water temperature are necessary to isolate the broth color as the variable that is being monitored.

Being able to observe the broth color during the infusion process therefore is required for consistent cup quality infusion after infusion.

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