• Philip Parda

Sharpening The Saw...

During Professional Tea Sommelier certification training we work on moving from "Drinking Tea" to "Tasting Tea"...This process involves creation of a "Toolbox of Skills and Awareness". Knowing how to approach the tea, what questions to ask yourself, what to pay attention to and getting in touch by paying keen attention to your senses. Once fundamental "tea awareness techniques are understood, it becomes a pursuit of skill in palate calibration, sensory awareness, putting in quality time, "sharpening the saw"

and...enjoying your Tea Garden Journey...

Tea lovers can get a feel for all of this by joining us for a focused tasting at Savvy Tea Gourmet...(see in events below) and those that want to move beyond to a realm of sublime and somehow make tea a bigger part of their life, they can join me for an up-coming Tea Sommelier or Tea Master Course taught at Savvy Tea Gourmet or in various locations around the US throughout the year...see below for more details...

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