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Cloud Mist (Yun Wu)...A Ten Famous Tea of China

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

From Lu Shan comes one of the Ten Famous Teas of China...

The high mountain environment that this tea grows in combines with the plant genetics to produce one of the best green teas available...period.

High mountain clouds restrict sunlight reaching the plants creating growing conditions that encourage increased amino acid production leading to  savory aroma & flavor with abundant Umami and a positively dreamy cup.

Generations of skill development has resulted in a technique that produces cup qualities that put this selection in the prestigious category of the "Ten Famous Teas of China".

Medium yellow in the cup with a vegetal mung-bean aroma and a nutty note captivate you while a smooth viscus mouthfeel and a pleasing sweet finish seal the deal.

For the committed green tea drinker, this tea is simply a must-have that once discovered, you never want to be out of. Truly a captivating selection that we are pleased and proud to provide for your enjoyment.

We are elated to say that this premium tea is back in stock and ready to ship...just follow the link...

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