Preventative Health…Sounds Like A Good Thing, Doesn’t It?

Knowing that you are doing something, taking action…action that will lead to wellbeing…that will support your body’s systems and their ability to sustain optimal health is reassuring, and actually healthy in its own right.

Understanding how our healthy habits support longevity encourages us and brings about a satisfaction or contentment that stimulates pleasure and chemical reaction in our body conducive to wellbeing.

Think of it as the Anti-Stress, or the opposite of stress…like being on offence rather than defense by taking measures to circumvent known and some unknown threats to our health.

Consuming tea leads us on exactly such a journey…

For those that venture into the realm of developing an appreciation for the uniqueness of teas from special places around the globe, the prize becomes not only the joy of appreciating craftsmanship and quality, but the simultaneous reassurance that comes with knowing that with each sip you are reenforcing your body’s ability to withstand intrusions of bacteria and viruses as well as condition our system for health and Vitality.

Today’s science has unlocked many of the secrets of Camellia sinensis, our beloved tea plant and the findings reveal that it is the bioactive compounds in tea that create the magic…

Bioactive Compounds In Tea Can Be Part of Preventative Health.

The bioactive components in tea, things like polyphenols, amino acids, nutrients and more, amazingly have cellular targets that are related to the cardiovascular, chemo-preventive, metabolic, neuroprotective, and other health benefits. The understanding of these bioactive components supports the ancient Chinese health claims about tea. We now have scientific studies to support them.

Tea is a Full-Body Tonic that can assist us on our quest for Preventative Health.

The concept of Preventative embraces the eastern philosophy of maintaining balance and wellness in the body, monitoring our systems, and watching for any imbalance that may occur. When we consider our health on a daily basis, we remain quite conscious of diet and exercise, but many don’t take advantage of the contribution tea can make to Preventive Health and wellbeing.

All well-made teas contribute to wellbeing, however certain tea types have strengths that are related to their level of oxidation, which defines which type of tea it is. Green teas being unoxidized, while black teas are fully oxidized. Selecting a tea type that has advantages in a certain area of health interest is an option, and enjoying a variety of tea types is another way to enjoy tea and passively take advantage of the benefits that come along with the beverage.

Joining one of our tea tastings is a perfect opportunity to experience a variety of teas while increasing your understanding of the strengths of tea types.

You can find more information bout our in-person and virtual tea tastings here, and shop our curated collection of teas here.

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