Is it really true that Tea Drinkers Have Better Bone Mineral Density?

Tea and Reduced Risk of Osteoporosis…

Simple answer…yes…and why does it matter?

There have been lots of studies about the effect of tea on bone-building markers and improved muscle mass. As it turns out improved bone-building markers & improved muscle mass both may reduce the risk of osteoporosis related fracture.

So, what is it about drinking tea that influences improving bone mineral density (BMD)? Research shows that Green Tea polyphenols significantly increase serum bone-specific alkaline phosphate, a bone formation biomarker.

Looking at the PH scale, green tea is alkaline while coffee is highly acidic, and some black teas can be slightly acidic. Over-simplified, this comes down to the bioactive compounds in green tea are conducive to boosting bone-building markers and improving muscle mass.

Maintaining as close to neutral PH level in our body as possible is essential to maintaining optimal health. Bone health is just one of the systems effected by our PH level. Without the proper PH level, we experience system failure leading to body function failure preventing you body to perform as needed.

Our lives and diet are filled with acidic influencers that make maintaining a neutral PH an ongoing challenge. Remaining aware of your acidic intake adds awareness and allows us to focus on balancing the PH with alkaline-adjusting ingredients.

A partial list of acidic influencers includes:

· Coffee

· Carbonated beverages & energy drinks

· Cheese

· Red meats

· Beer & wine

· Pasta

· Oats

· White bread & pastries

· Wheat

· Peanuts/roasted nuts

· Soy milk

· Barley

· Black tea

A partial list of alkaline influencers includes:

· Green tea

· Tap/spring water

· Apples, blueberries, lemons, bananas, kiwi

· Mushrooms, olives, avocados, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts

· Seaweed

· Soybeans

· Wild rice

· Sweet potatoes

· Kale/collard greens

· Almonds

Just being aware of our body’s PH level and influencing our diet with balanced choices can contribute to improving BMD leading to better conditions for healthier bones. It is clear to us that tea selection can facilitate our journey to avoiding osteoporosis related fracture.

So back to the tea…

Dinking green tea has shown in studies to elevate the levels of bone formation biomarkers and improve muscle mass…clearly welcome news, but which teas do I choose?

Look at it this way: if you want good things to happen because of the things you put in your body, (in this case green tea), then put GOOD green tea in your body.

Get your tea from a trustworthy source, and don’t cut corners on the tea. With quality loose green tea you will get multiple infusions from each pinch of tea and will find you end up paying pennies per cup.

It does not make sense to cut corners on the ingredient you are looking to benefit from.

Our collection of green teas offers a wide choice of options from flavored to straight and from artisan to specialty. We’ve selected them all to bring you a quality, healthy tea drinking experience.

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Make enjoying Bone-Healthy Green Teas part of your Healthy Tea Lifestyle…

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