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"Feather Tip"...Xin Yang Mao Jian...Renowned China Green Tea...

Another tea that has earned it's place on the list of the Ten Famous Teas of China, Xin Yang Mao Jian is a delightful and unique green. The infusion has veg-ital notes of asparagus and the thick and savory broth coats your mouth with lingering flavor and aftertaste.

Our Grower, Mr. Leiu and family practice the art of turning the local cultivar into liquid pleasure in a cup using artisan technique developed in the villages of Xin Yang over generations.

A unique step of rolling the leaves breaks the skin of the leaf as if it was to be made into a black tea, but instantly moving the broken leaf into a hot pan for de-enziming prevents oxidation while changing the chemistry just enough to create unique cup characteristics. Between the cultivar, unique terroir and refined artisan of the Ten Famous Teas of China is born...

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