Do you mean to tell me that drinking the right teas can slow the aging process?...Actually, yes.

In fact aging begins as soon as we reach adulthood, somewhere from the teens into the early twenties. Gerontologists study aging identifying factors that influence the period of time from maturity to death of individuals.

They refer to aspects of aging considered biological-physiological and include two factors that influence aging…both biological and general health status. It is the changes in individuals that occur and make them increasingly more vulnerable to disease leading to effected longevity.

So where does tea come into the picture?

Consider tea on the preventative side of the quest for longevity. Drinking tea can become a cornerstone in your wellness program that gives your body’s natural systems assistance in doing the restorative work they are intended to do.

Physiologists tell us that organ performance will decline over one’s life span and we can see gradual reduced effectivity of organs like the heart, kidneys, brain, or lungs for example. Organs like these can experience cell loss and declines in cell performance.

Bioactive Compounds Do The Work…

It is the Bioactive Compounds in tea that are credited with doing the systems support in our body and provide the ability to slow conditions like oxidative stress leading to premature aging.

There are actually hundreds, if not thousands of bioactive compounds in tea including amino acids, caffeine, lignins, proteins, xanthines and flavonoids. The flavonoid bioactive compounds in tea have specific targets related to health benefits such as cardiovascular, chemopreventive, metabolic, neuroprotective and more.

Consumption of quality teas allows us to literally infuse our system with these bioactive compounds created by the DNA of the tea plant creating a secondary layer of protection by slowing the processes in our bodies related to aging.

To minimize Aging by Drinking Tea, Read More…

So which teas should I drink? Teas that have good genetics, that have been well made, transported and stored. Rely on someone that really knows tea to provide suitable teas that accurately represent the growing regions they are from and that have been well taken care of since they were produced.

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