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Discover..."Bed Tea"

Ceylon Golden Breakfast Magnificent Black Tea ...perfect for Breakfast... ...or anytime...

For one who usually enjoys the essence of the tea leaf itself steeped to its best and savored sip after sip, I was, am and are thrilled with this delightful Sri Lankan beauty...This tea steeps rich and bold with thick body leading to lasting aftertaste and aroma notes of caramel and burnt sugar...simply magnificent tea...its beauty begins in the dry leaf filled with golden leaf tip and is transformed into coppery-amber broth before your eyes in your infuser...

So you can imagine my surprise to be won-over immediately when at dawn each morning delivered to my room on my last tea journey to Sri Lanka was a steaming pot of this Ceylon Breakfast beauty accompanied by whole milk and delightful cubes of sweetener called "jaggery"...made from the palm tree or from coconut milk.

A cube of jaggery added to my cup with a dash of milk transformed the Golden Breakfast into what the locals called "Bed Tea"... For fifty years I've been starting my days with green tea as I convinced myself long ago to get my "antioxidants" first thing in the morning...which I guess in my life will never change...but I don't see any harm in breaking my habit for an outstanding cup (or pot) of sensational "Bed Tea" now and you?

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