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All In A Cup Of Tea?

Digestive Health?

Cardiovascular Health?

Brain Health?

Artery Health?

Blood Fat Improvement?

Cholesterol Improvement?

You Can Forget It's Good For You...

That's right...just enjoy the tea. It will be doing it's work inside, improving your longevity and bringing you simply enjoying your tea.

But, let's drink the RIGHT TEA...

The reputation for Puerh tea from Yunnan China has long been known for it's digestive and cardiovascular benefits, going back centuries before the development of the Tea Horse Road, a trade route to far away lands where Puerh Teas were highly valued for their beneficial qualities...and their excellence in the cup...

14 Famous Mountains...

It is in the 14 Famous Mountains surrounding Pu'er City in China's XiShuangBaNa thought to be the "Cradle of Tea" where tea genetics have developed to produce these remarkable teas.

As a trading center for teas from the surrounding mountains the name of Pu'er City became synonymous with the tea...

Whenever possible I close out my day by savoring a cup or two of Puerh Tea. It not only brings me the healthy ingredients inherent to the incredible leaf, it brings me pleasure consuming it and satisfaction & contentment in knowing I'm complementing the green teas I've enjoyed earlier in the day with a more oxidized tea and different health strengths.

During processing the caffeine is mitigated supporting the Chinese adage "You can drink this tea until midnight...and sleep like a baby".

Aged Yunnan

Pu'er Grade 1

Gong Ting (Royal) Pu'er

Huang Gong Shou (Aged 10 Years +)

With Mr. Feng at the marker for one of the 14 Famous Mountains...Manzhuang...

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