A lot more comes with that cup of tea than you were thinking…

We’ve grown-up with tea, so it seems so obvious that we would know all about it…wouldn’t you think? Most people, though are amazed to come to realize that when it comes to tea they actually know very little…most importantly, what they are missing.

So what do you want from your cup of tea anyway? I bet you just want to feel good and enjoy a soothing beverage with great tea aroma and taste…right?

I also bet that you won’t turn-down all the tea ingredients that study after study are verifying proof of the health & longevity related benefits of tea.

So here is the thing: In the moment, that cup of tea is making you happy. As we learn more about uniqueness of teas, our pleasure quotient goes up.

That “sip” becomes more. It becomes a connection between your pleasure, your appreciation for the tea that is providing you that pleasure AND the satisfied feeling you get with the realization that within each sip is coming synergy with wellbeing and longevity…pretty great huh?

You transition to benefits that occur in the moment, to those that come within hours, then weeks and ultimately long term…we simply call it The Healthy Tea Lifestyle…

Yes I know and that is why for decades now we have been touting the wonders of tea's pleasure during consumption, but just can’t look past how much tea offers us as a protective and restorative elixir…

Our work is to find an opening to help the curious make the discovery and to show those that have made it, to the next tea pleasure around the corner.

The gratitude of our customers gratefully has allowed us to keep introducing the message to more that can benefit from the delights of tea…go ahead, make life great. Embellish you life with that cup of tea…you will never look at it the same again.

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