Opportunity Beyond The Cup

The Opportunity Beyond the Cup

Beyond the ingredients, the phytonutrients in this amazing beverage we call tea, lies an equally amazing ability that can develop as a result of the affect the compounds in tea has on us.

Quite incredibly, I propose a theory that within the “Tea Lifestyle” lies an opportunity beyond the cup to enhance relationships by coming together over tea.

Throughout Asia, tea is automatic.  It comes out whenever people come together,  for business, for pleasure, for a meal, or just to pass time.

To the coming together over tea, add the conducive nature for conversation that has been released by the harmonious interaction of amino acids and low level caffeine, and you will find a resulting desire to develop the “Art of Life”, to communicate, to create, and to share the “Experience of Tea”.

Finally, moving “From Drinking Tea…to Tasting Tea”, will not only enhance our own personal enjoyment, but will also spill over to others with which we wish to “Share the Tea Experience”.

It a a culmination of all of this then which we can fine within “The Opportunity Beyond the Cup”

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