Terrior of Tea

Terrior…intended to describe the entire circumstances affecting French grapes, and the resulting wine ultimately produced and consumed.

We barrow this word and aptly apply it to tea, as the parallels between these two beverages are noticeably evident, and pleasing to experience.

It is then the cultivar, the soil type, the climate, elevation, weather conditions, plucking & processing technique and packaging that all contribute to the “Terrior of the Tea” .

There is something more however that contributes to the terrior , and is perhaps the most irreplaceable ingredient in the complex equation we call terrior…the history and culture ingrained in the village people whose ancestors and families have created the rootstock and recipes, the process and the techniques to turn their cultivar into something unique that could have evolved only the way it did.

This is the element in the Terrior Equation, Element, or Experience that produces the true quality of our Artisan Teas.

The capturing of this mystical element called Terrior of Tea, is the work of Drink Great Tea.

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