So then, about this “liquid tread” that stitches together Asia…

How is tea considered culture?

The Tea Dance

In Asia, tea is a “forgone conclusion”…that is to say whenever people come together, tea appears.

Tea not only is embraced in the daily lives of people, it in essence becomes part of their very fiber.

People always come together over tea. It is unheard of to sit at a restaurant without tea quickly appearing.  Weather it is family conversing,  businessmen dealing, or friends relaxing tea is there.  No-one needs to be asked if they would like tea it is always assumed…and appreciated.

Beyond tea being present wherever and whenever people come together, the culture is far more reaching touching peoples lives from the tea gardens, processing shops & factories to the tea shops and tea houses, tea markets and tea competitions.

This “liquid thread” brings people together and has become part of the culture, history and national pride of the countries throughout Asia.

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