DGT Quality Distinction

There is Tea…Then there is DGT Tea…

So then, just what is different about teas, and what is The Quality Distinction?

When the tea is in the cup, here is what makes the difference in quality:

  1. Qualified Supplier Relationship.  At DGT, to us there is no substitute for a first hand relationship between your purveyor, and the tea producer. At DGT we strive to visit all suppliers to fully understand the teas we are supplying to our customers.
  2. Specific Genetic Cultivar. The DNA of the plant matters. Regionally Famous teas come from leaves that has gained them their fame over time, and can’t be simply substituted to boost production quantities without loosing their nuances and identity.
  3. Refined Traditional Processing Technique.  Artisan techniques have been developed in many cases, over centuries, to produce unique results when combined with the plant material of specific genetic cultivars.  This pairing of leaf and technique results in unique leaf shape, as well as flavor, aroma, and pleasure
  4. Effective Preservation Packaging. Without effective packaging, the tea goodness can be quickly lost.
  5. Airfreight Shipment Freshness Protection.  For many teas, transportation and storage temperature is critical to sustained freshness. At DGT, we anticipate transportation of each tea, and ensure that airfreight is used on any and all teas with temperature sensitivity…you will taste the difference.
  6. Climate Controlled Warehouse. Hot and humid trucks and warehouses are the enemy of so many delicate teas.  This includes many oolongs as well as all white, yellow, and green teas.  At DGT we take care to maintain a climate controlled storage area for the tea to preserve its goodness until the time it hits your cup.

So you see, there is a “DGT Quality Distinction”.  When customers ask us why our tea tastes so good, we confidently say “There is tea…and there is DGT Tea”…It’s all about The Quality Distinction.

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