All Teas are Not Created Equal

Just how much difference is there from tea to tea?

At Drink Great Tea, we specialize in non commodity teas from small independent tea farmers with unique micro-climate tea gardens from famous growing regions in Asia and the world.

Appreciating the Leaves

We travel to the famous growing regions, and find local growers that produce high quality, and still use traditional Artisan Techniques that produce unique leaf shapes, aroma, and flavor that can only be achieved that way.

As do fine wines, specialty teas vary from region to region, cultivar to cultivar,  garden to garden, and season to season.

To obtain the optimum experience and result from what fine artisan teas have to offer, starting with genetically proven plant-stock is essential. Further, insuring that the processing has been done with methods that are consistent with those developed in the region that the tea is famous from, and that the packaging, storage and transportation of the tea have all been managed as need to properly preserve the integrity of the tea, becomes the work of our team at Drink Great Tea.

By selecting The Drink Great Tea you are selecting some of the finest teas in the world, and will be infusing your life with a complete health & enjoyment experience.

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