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Beginning Your Tea Experience

Most people don’t understand tea.

Tea seems like such a straight-forward and simply obvious thing that we tend to naturally assume we know about tea.

This…is changing.

The fact is that tea, not unlike grapes, or apples, or many other things that grow,  is not obvious, or simple, it just seems that way.

Along with the nuances and the complexities of tea and its terrior, come an abundance of uplifting delight in visual pleasure, aroma, flavor and variety.

What is important is not to understand all that there is to know about tea before you get started, but to start.

There will be time to learn as you go, and to capture the pleasure of tea for your lifetime.

If you are interested in obtaining the good that tea can bring into your life, here are some simple points to guide you as you begin your tea journey:

  • Buy good tea…you are worth it, and what would you expect if you did not buy good tea? “Visit the DGT Tea Shop”
  • Take care of your tea, by storing and preparing it well. “DGT How to store tea”
  • Get all the goodness from your tea by “infusing well”.
  • Capture all that tea can do for you by drinking all tea types and enjoying “Vari-Tea”.

An easy way to get started is with one of the “DGT Tea Taster Chests” or “Starter Chests”, which comes with an DGT Infuser, lots of pre-measured tea packets, and complete guidelines for beginning your Artisan Tea Journey.

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