Understanding Tea

Understanding tea, can end up being a life long endeavor…and so much pleasure.

The more you know, the more you become intrigued with the rich history of tea, and with all that you don’t know…the more that you learn, the more you realize how much you don’t know, and that no one knows it all.

Artisan Tea is special.  It is not just about the aroma, flavor, or how the tea makes us feel.

It is about the Cultivar’s history, the people’s history, the terrior, the processing, the “Refined Art” and “Technique” of rearing teas natural bounty from the earth to our cups, and to our bodies.

Understanding Tea is to Appreciate Tea

It is about appreciating the goodness that the leaf has to offer…and how it gives of itself in our infuser, teapot, and body.

It is centuries, and it is pride.  It is a true gift of nature, for us to appreciate and enjoy.

In keeping with our mission of “Preserving the Art of Hand Crafted Teas”, at Drink Great Tea, we focus on bringing you the genuine article.

In the drop-down menu below, we have begun to create what we hope will become a complete resource guide for you to enhance your tea journey.


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