Pressed Tea…The Beauty, Art, and Quality…

“Beeng Cha” the name given to pressed tea “cakes” or “plates”… Why go to the trouble of steaming and pressing legendary tea leaves into bricks, balls, or plates? What would be the reason for carefully packing precious leaves into hollowed tangerine or pamello skins? It comes from tradition, and it comes from the “Art of […]

Pu’er, Dark & Aging Teas

Generally Teas that Mellow or Deepen over Time Typically Dark Teas and Oolong Teas are Teas that can Age Oxidation Levels Ranging from Light to Dark Wide Range of Reputed Health Benefits (See More on Specific  Pu’er, Dark and Aging Teas below) Pu’er, Dark, and Aging Teas are a Connoisseur’s Delight More on Specific Pu’er, […]