Pressed Tea…The Beauty, Art, and Quality…

“Beeng Cha” the name given to pressed tea “cakes” or “plates”… Why go to the trouble of steaming and pressing legendary tea leaves into bricks, balls, or plates? What would be the reason for carefully packing precious leaves into hollowed tangerine or pamello skins? It comes from tradition, and it comes from the “Art of […]

Chai Tea

Chai can be made of bases from Green to Black Teas, and Often Are Made with Herbal Bases Rather than Actual Tea Base. Chai consists of a base, and a large variety of different ingredients and spices blended with the base. In Countries of Origin Chai Tea is Usually Enjoyed Sweetened and Lightened with Milk […]

Black Tea

Harvested in Different Countries of Origin from Early Spring to Mid-Autumn Fully Oxidized Leaves Generally a Light to Deep Amber Tea Broth, Rich Full Aroma & Flavor with Astringency and Mouth-Feel that ranges from Crisp and Light to Thick and Rich. Many Black Teas are Considered “Self-Drinkers”, while others, some Tea Drinkers will often add […]

Iced Tea

Most Tea Selections Can Be Cold Steeped Consume the Same Healthy Tea During The Summer Iced that you Drink In Colder Months Cold Steeping Results in Much Less Caffeine in the Cup Steep a Stronger-Than-Normal Tea Broth Color, then pour it over an Over-Flowing Tumbler Filled With Ice Many “Flavored Teas” are Popular as Iced […]

Rooibos Tea

From South Africa Sometimes Referred to as “Red Bush” Available “Green” (Unoxidized) or “Red” Fully Oxidized High Antioxidants but Zero Caffeine make it A Choice of Many with Caffeine Intolerance, or for an Evening Selection Blends nicely with Flowers, Fruits, and Herbs Both Green and Red produce a Rich, Flavorful, Pleasing Cup and are Excellent […]

Pu’er, Dark & Aging Teas

Generally Teas that Mellow or Deepen over Time Typically Dark Teas and Oolong Teas are Teas that can Age Oxidation Levels Ranging from Light to Dark Wide Range of Reputed Health Benefits (See More on Specific  Pu’er, Dark and Aging Teas below) Pu’er, Dark, and Aging Teas are a Connoisseur’s Delight More on Specific Pu’er, […]

Oolong Tea

Normally Harvested from Late Spring through Early Winter Oxidation Levels ranging from Light to Dark Tea Broths from Light Golden to Golden, Light Amber, and Deep Amber Natural Aromatic Oils plus Varying Oxidation Levels Create “Complex Layers” of Aroma & Flavor Generally Have More Involved Processing than Other Teas Blended Benefits or Green and Black […]

Herbal & Infusions

A large Category of “Steep-able Substances”…Other than Tea. Many Excellent Herbal Infusions with Extensive Range in Aroma, Flavor, Color, and affects on our bodies We consider This Wide Range of Herbal Infusions and their Beneficial affects to be “Nature’s Apothecary” Herbal Remedies have been used by man since the beginning of recorded history, and probably […]

Flavored Tea

All Tea Types accept flavoring well, but Typically the Flavored Teas Are White, Green, Black & Rooibos Flavoring is Different from Scenting Flavoring is usually done with Fruits, Spices, Herbs, Confections, Sweeteners, or Flavoring. Flavoring Creates an Endless Variety of Tea Combination Possibilities. Flavoring can Complement the Base Tea and Create Unique Products that Evoke […]

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