Special Offer For Golden Flower Dark Tea Brick Drinkers…

So Here’s Our Offer:   Order Two Golden Flower Dark Tea Bricks during the month of August 2017 and we will include a complementary “Tea Knife” (Cha Dao) especially designed for breaking up the Golden Flower Dark Tea Brick…this is a $12.00 value to encourage you drinking your tea all summer long   Although you […]


Getting the infusion right makes the difference in achieving a quality tea experience. I find many customers damage or waste their tea. By just following a few simple guidelines, it is easy to infuse many great cups from “just a small pinch” of your fabulous tea leaves. Here are a few tips that will help […]

Tea Garden

Tea Garden


Chanoyu: Japan Tea Ceremony.

Japan Tea Garden

Japan Tea Garden

From “Drinking” Tea to “Tasting” Tea

From drinking tea to “tasting” tea: As our appreciation in the west for fine loose Select Artisan Tea grows, as our understanding of Select Artisan Tea increases,  and as our desire and readiness to enjoy the nuances of Select Artisan Tea becomes more important us, we will begin to move from drinking tea, finally to tasting tea. Reaching […]

Why Drink Tea?,…”The Opportunity of Tea”,…beyond the Cup

Take one step back, and the sky is bigger.  This Chinese adage can help us understand The Opportunity of Tea Beyond the Cup. In the west, most often, when we consider tea, we see it as a beverage.  We see it as something we consume because we like the way it tastes, the way it […]